1897 Legacy Circle

We acknowledge those who have shared their intentions to include Glens Falls Hospital in their estate plans. This group is an integral part of our community. They look to advance the Hospital for future generations, while being mindful of our past. They are known as the Glens Falls Hospital 1897 Legacy Circle.

1897 Legacy Circle

Anonymous (Multiple Donors)

Mrs. Claire Bartlett*

Thomas C. Beach, Jr.*

Polly H. Beeman*

Dr. and Mrs. William L. Bitner III

Mr. Dave P. Bourque

Mary G. Brown*

Carmela C. Caputo*

Dorothy E. Congdon*

Charlotte F. and Dominick* DeFilippo

Guido Del Signore*

Thomas and Vivian Den Bleyker

Marjorie W. Dineen*

Ms. Elizabeth A. Dodds

Dorothy E. Donhauser*

Ruth B. Dorlon*

Mark C. Doyle*

Kathie and Brian Duncan

Mr. Harold H. Evarts*

Donald W. Feller*

Louis Fille*

Meribah Funston*

John S. Gijanto

Ms. Hertha E. Gillespie*

Stuart Ginsburg

Joyce S. Hague*

Harry J. Hall*

Walter F. Harrison, Jr., M.D.*

Edythe L. Haskell*

Emery Hazzard*

Elsie N. and William H. Hill*

Miss. Lucille Hillman

Maurice Hoopes*

Blanche A. Jeffers Trust

K. Pearl Johnson*

Lillian D. Kappes*

Elly C. Keenan*

Robert N. King*

L. Jane Klippel

David Kruczlnicki

Helen Lambertson*

Helene B. Mannis*

Elizabeth M. Marshall*

Mr. Richard O. Mead

John W. and Laura S. Miller*

Laura V. Nield

Robert J. Nolan*

Mabel R. O'Keefe*

Lola Paris*

Norman R. Parker*

Stephen H. Physioc*

Leora White Preston*

Dorothy E. and Paul D.* Prouty

Daniel Rogers Trust

Thomas J. and Michele P. Ross

Dr. and Mrs. H. John Schutze, D.D.S.

William C. Sherman*

James B. Shields*

Saul Silverstein*

Harry H. Singleton*

Elsa E. Steinback*

Elaine Topper*

Mr. William J. Tremblay

Cheryl Tucker

Mrs. Denise Uhe

Kurt H. Urban*

Mrs. Marie C. Vanderminden

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis L. Varney, Jr.

Louisa C. Vogt Trust

Charlotte D. Wait*

Mr. William Watson*

Elmer S. White*